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Summer Recital 2023

Year End Recital
June 23, 2023
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Sullivan Hall
6306  152nd Street
We will be collecting for the food bank  so please bring  non perishable items
Thank you
recital 2022photos.jpeg
audience recital 2023.jpeg
Glen and Graham.jpeg
Ian Matheson.jpeg
Samuel and Terry  summer 23.jpeg
 Sam performs original song   
Sarai and Terry summer 23.jpeg
Leo and Graham on stage.jpeg
23 Aarush and Graham on stage_edited.jpg
Braydon and Family.jpeg
23 Anushil and Graham on stage.jpeg
Leo 1.jpeg
23  Aarush_edited.jpg
Drish and Family.jpeg
Aj .jpeg
Anushil Patel_edited.jpg
Ian on stage.jpeg
23 Aarush and Jacob.jpeg
Samuel Rowe summer 23.jpeg
Dennis on drums Sid on guitar.jpeg
Jacob Brown.jpeg
23 Anushil.jpeg
Samuel and Family.jpeg
The Wasps Band on stage.jpeg
    Original music by Christopher Black    
    Original music by Christopher Black    
Graham and Devan.jpeg
Dennis and Sid.jpeg
The Gal's and Terry .jpeg
Band  The Crozband  on stage.jpeg
     Original music by Crosby Mark     
     Original music by Crosby Mark     
Jenny and Cindy getting ready.jpeg
Band  The Crozband Crosby.jpeg
23 Aarush and Family.jpeg
Christopher and Daniel The Wasps Band.jpeg
Band The Wasps Camille drumer.jpeg
Band The Wasps Crosby and Daniel.jpeg
Crosby and Family.jpeg
Leo and Family.jpeg
Christopher and Family.jpeg
Leon and Philnal.jpeg
Sarai and Family.jpeg
Band The Wasps.jpeg
Band  The Waves  on stage.jpeg
     Original song by Ava      
     Original music by Ava    
Band  The Waves getting ready.jpeg
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