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2023 Summer Program

Welcome   Summer of 2023

The students performing today are of all ages and range from some taking lessons for only a few months to others playing for several years. You will also get a sample of many different styles taught at our studio.

During their performances, you will see them demonstrate their skills in the knowledge of scales, chords, and improvisation. (o) is for an original song. We have several been performed here today.

So please sit back and enjoy.


Jathin Sai               Baby Shark

Sarai Gregory        Stand By Me

Samuel Rowe          Forest sounds (o)

Sanaiya Chauhan   Brave in the Cave

Leo Kao                 Super Mario Brothers

Aarush Aggarwal   Sunflower

Anushil Patel           Perfect

Ian Matheson         Yesterday

Band - The Sunglass Bear's: (featuring)

Siddhartha Gurung     

Dennis Gu

We Will Rock You


Band - The Gal's and Terry: (featuring)

Jenny Hann

Cindy Liu

Terry Armitage



Band - The Wasps: (featuring)

Christopher Black

Camille Liu

Daniel Gu

Crosby Mark


Not Coming Home (o)

By My Side (o)

Band - The Crozband:(featuring)

Crosby Mark

Nikita Anselene

Graham Gomez

Dreamy (o)

So Fast (o)


Band - The Waves:(featuring)

Ava Hamill

Nikita Anselene

Richard Cheng

Drish Jambhekar

The Waves go By (o)

Building a Mystery

Band -  The Lamas and the Papas: (featuring)

Leong Wong

Adam Kirby

Mike Bardouniotis

Aj Wight

Emerald Eyes

Got My Mojo Working

Band Smells like Gun's: (featuring)

Lucas Oldale

Jacob Brown

Braydon Pilford

Graham Gomez

21 Gun's

Smells like Teen Spirit

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