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Terry Armitage

Terry Armitage has been teaching for over 30 years. Terry has a Provincial Instructors Diploma from Vancouver Community College and a Music Certificate from the Ontario Conservatory of Music (equivalent to RCM grade 8).

Terry stood for 6 years as the Canadian representative for the London College of Music (UK), Guitar division which is under the name of (RGT) Registry of Guitar Tutors. As the RGT Rep he has worked with other teachers through the registry to set standards in guitar education across Canada.
He has also written several guitar books, some have reached the best seller list in the UK.
Terry currently teaches a wide variety of styles to students of all ages and interests. His teaching has included a pilot program designed for troubled teens at the Whalley Youth Center, he also taught beginner and intermediate level courses at the Vancouver School Board Continuing Education Center, and implemented personally developed teaching course and expanded student exposure while teaching at the Music Man Studio. Terry has single-handedly written  up the works for the IDS(Independent Studies) Music Program, which is officially accredited within the school system. Currently in School District 36.

Terry has, for the last 6-8 years, also been managing and helping upcoming artists get a start with their musical careers!! Has taught and helped get a leg up with Faber Drive, Ryyka, Good for Grapes and currently working with Sm:)e. If you have ambition and want help to make a name for yourself, this is the man to get in touch with. All students who've gone on to make big names for themselves, such as listed above, have been students of Terry's over the years.

Graham Gomez

Graham Gomez is a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has played guitar for fourteen years, and has been performing in bands for twelve. He started taking lessons from Terry at Accent Guitar in 2004, and has been a teacher at Accent Guitar since 2010.


In the local scene, most notably, he is the guitarist of local Folk-Rock band “Good For Grapes”. With Good For Grapes he has recorded on, and co-written two full-length studio albums that he has toured with throughout the last six years, playing hundreds of shows at venues and festivals across Canada. He has appeared on TV, in newspapers, and with Good For Grapes in 2014 won first prize in BC’s “Peak Performance Project”.


While guitar is his instrument of expertise, Graham has experience as a vocalist, keyboardist, drummer, studio-engineer, live sound-technician, composer, and producer. He has lent his production abilities to a multitude of local bands and created recordings of many kinds. He has a love for tinkering with music technology and helping other artists express their music in it’s finest form.


Graham is CGRT Grade 5 certified.

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