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Program Summer Recital 2022

Welcome   Summer of 2022

     We're back after 2 years of not been unable to have in person recitals. The students have worked very hard on their songs. In their performances today you will see them demonstrate their knowledge and skills in chords, scales, and Improvisation. So please sit back and enjoy.

Dennis Gu  

Lights Up


Braydon Pilford

Take Me Home Country Road's

Leo Lee

Old Town Road

Sarai Gregory

I'm a Believer

Ian Matheson

Nowhere Man

Siddharthe Gurung

Every Breath You Take

My Girl

Marc Rego 

The Shire from the Hobbit

Jenny Hann & Cindy Liu

Scarborough Fair


The How: (featuring)

Crosby Mark

Leo He

Makenna Lehal


Me and My Broken heart

On Top of The World

Zed Leppelin: (featuring)

Ava Hamill

Crosby Mark

Nikita Anselene

Graham Gomez

Stairway to Heaven


Team 7:(featuring)

Daniel Gu

Jacob Brown

Nikita Anselene

Graham Gomez

Haruka Kanata


Surf's Up:(featuring)

Drish Jambhekar

Dhruve Jambhekar

Nikita Anselene

Terry Armitage

Medley of  Walk don't Run



Thank You for joining us at Accent Guitar Studio's Year End Recital.
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