Check Out some of our Students'  Out & About Town
The studio believes in giving back to the community.
The following are some students and places we were performing
The Golden Daze band plays at the Royal Canadian Legion Br. 8
for the Circle of Friends Lunch
November 19, 2019
The Smile band for the 3rd year
in a row will be pumping out
the tunes at
Queenborough's Community
Family Monster Mash Bash
Friday October 25th  6 -8pm
    Saturday   October 26th   
      Aldro Acres     12 -4pm  
North Star and Smile will be performing on October 20
The Golden Daze Band known in the month of October as The Surrey Hillbilly's  can be see at the following;
Oct. 11 Peace Portal
Oct. 19 Aldro Acres
Oct. 22 Circle of Friends
Royal Canadian legion Br 8
The Smile band for the 5th year in a row will be pumping up the participates with up beat sounds 
Sunday September 15,2019
9 - 1 New Westminster Quay
Hopefully you will come out and help us raise money for  cancer research.
June 8,2019
We'll be entertaining the families at Variety's
Boat for Hope
Vancouver Yacht Club
3811 Point Grey Rd,
Vancouver, BC V6R 1B3
North Star
Queensborough Children's Festival
Rally Park
11:00 am - 3:00pm
920 Ewen Avenue
Queensborough New Westminster
Grab some lunch and
Catch our show 12:30pm
June 15,2019
The Golden Daze Band  -
Sharing lots of musical memories.
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 8 
Circle of Friends Lunch 
June 18, 2019
Our Theme  is Trains
Check out the Tinypreneurs  Then join  all the Tinypreneurs and Smileband at the closing ceremonies of the day.
2:30pm June 15,2019
The Fraser River Discovery Center.
New Westminster Quay
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