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Terry Armitage has been teaching my son for the past four years. he has provided solid basics in theory, technique, ear training, and sight reading. Further more, Terry has provided excellent instruction for classical/acoustic guitar as well as for electric guitar. He has given my son a solid understanding of a wide variety if styles, from classical, blues, and jazz, to rock.
Terry not only provides the necessary academics in learning music, but he goes beyond the studio by following the students interests and providing them with information and concrete connections. As my son neared his graduation Terry obtained information from all post-graduate institutions that had music programs.
With Terry’s program and guidance, my son has made excellent progress. His technique improved greatly and his holistic understanding of music is demonstrated in his performance. I feel that any student going to Terry for lessons will benefit greatly from his dedication, expert knowledge, eclectic approach, communication skills, and personal enthusiasm.
- Faith K.


We are pleased to provide this reference for Terry Armitage. We strongly recommend Terry’s Capacity to teach the disciplines of guitar.
Our son has been a student of guitar for 8 years, and a student of Terry’s for 5. Terry has in that time, had the knowledge and ability to keep our son on tract and interested. Terry has challenged our son and guided him along at a rate that our son could handle both technically and emotionally. It should be noted that our son has ADD and without an instructor like Terry, we fear Brad would not have grown and developed to the level and love for his guitar that he is presently at.
- Tim & Sherry S.

Dear Terry,
I just wanted to thank you for your patience, encouragement, enthusiasm, and sense of humor. You look at your students as individuals and go beyond “instructing” to help them with their goals. It was a great experience and I really appreciate the opportunities and time you gave me and all your other students, Thank you again for all your support and understanding.
- Erin A.

tThe First Lesson in Music:

About two  and a half years ago, I decided to take guitar lessons. The music teacher that was appointed to me not only taught from one of the local music stores, but also privately from his home. During my two and a half years, I was at times very frustrated having not gotten very far with my guitar playing and over all general knowledge of music. While I was amazed at the way my teacher could play and how knowledgeable he was, the same could not be said for his teaching skills. There was no agenda from week to week. I could be questioned on why I stayed with the same teacher for the amount of time I did, and my answer would have to be that I felt some kind of loyalty to him, after all he was a great guy. Well, two and a half years later, and over two thousand dollars later, I was really nowhere. I was embarrassed to tell people that I had been taking lessons for as long as I had as well as the amount I had spent.
    During the summer break, I made a decision to make the change. I was determined to find myself a good qualified music instructor. One that could not only show me how to play guitar and the theory behind the music, but one that also knew how to teach and relate to his students. I eventually found one. I can honestly say that I have learned more from my new instructor in two months than in 2 and a half years with my previous one. In my opinion, teaching is the real art. It doesn’t matter how well your instructor can play and how much he knows. If he can’t teacher, then there will be more and more frustrated students like myself. Believe me I know they are out there. Finding a good qualified teacher has been my best lesson of all. This should be the first lesson in music.

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