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2018 Summer Recital Program


      The students have worked very hard on their songs. In their performances today you will see them demonstrate their knowledge and skills in chords, scales, and Improvisation. So please sit back and enjoy.

(o) is for original song.

Sebastian Knubley

Autumn Serenade

Anoop Dhillon

Stand By Me

Manas Pandey


Jim Ko

This is Amazing Grace

Leo He

How Long

Justin Ngo

Every Breath You Take

Ryan Ngo


Dyllan Mand


Drish Jambhekar

Summer of 69

Aaron Han

Let it Be


Hudson Wight

Hotel California

Vanessa Potusek

I will Run (o)


Ayanna Zhang

Black Bird

Avery Amores

Veronica Amores


Dhruve Jambhekar

Riffs for Prizes.

Kandice-Mae Field

Alex Mercier

7 Nation Army

Ninjas in the Dark: (featuring)

Drish Jambhekar

Leo He

Jim Ko


North Star: (featuring)

Dhruve Jambhekar

Hudson Wight

Sebastian Knubley

Hugh McConnell

Day Tripper

Born to Be Wild

The Outback (o)



Aaron MacLellan

Zavier Tanner

Graham Gomez

Terry Armitage

Everybody wants to rule the world


All the Things (o)

Thank You for joining us at Accent Guitar Studio's Year End Recital.
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