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2012 Summer Recital Program 2

Bands only

Sunday June 24th, 2012

Tynehead Hall

Time 6:30 - 9pm




 'Millennium Mist' (featuring)

Gina Schulli

Maya Chilkowski            Firework

Kalista Malone               One Thing

Hailey Walter                 The Story of Us

Ashleigh George

'The Lonely Boy's' (featuring)

Gavin Armitage-Ackerman

Rhylan Frith                   Lonely Boy's


Tom Knoll

'90 Second Riot' (featuring)

Devyn Bohun        

Ashleigh George       Rich Kids

Alex Jackson             Feel Good Inc

William Leah             Black Sheep


'G.N.R. Minus Axel' (featuring)

Ashleigh George

Matthew Gray             Pipe Line

Tom Knoll                    G.N.R. Medley

'Painted Sidewalks' (featuring)

Kelly Salmon

Connor Schwenning    Yellow

Doug Carrier           You are the only Exception

Courtney Loenen         Clocks

Tom Knoll

'More Than a Feeling' (featuring)

Lewis Howells

Winston Sananikone      More Than a Feeling

Ian Frankenberger          Walk Don't Run

Nathan Knowler              Under the Bridge


Guest Singers Sam and Kelly

'Northern Rain' (featuring)

Gavin Armitage-Ackerman

Sam Hobeyn                       Up All Night

Matt Frieson                        Lifetime

Matt Stockwell                     Trip

Thank you . Hope you have enjoyed our Year End Recital
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