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2012 Summer Recital Program

Sunday June 24th, 2012

Tynehead Hall

Time 3 - 5 pm



       We have students of all ages performing today. Some have been taking lessons for only a few months and others for several years.

Georgia White     My Heart will go on

Ravi Sanghera    Tears in Heaven

RJ Wester           Summer of '69'

Owen George      Top Gun

Ashleigh &

Owen George      Thunder Struck

Hudson Wight      Wipe Out

Max Handfield      Lay Your Head Down

Kelly Salmon        A Team

Sam Hobeyn        Beautiful

Maya Chilkowski  Tear Drops on my Guitar

Dawson Petrunia      Starry Night

Zavier Tanner            The Battle

Gina Schulli               The Best Day

Fraser Buscholtz       Sweet Home Alabama

Elija Ho                      Crazy Train

Chelsey Kamrudin     Green Onions

Julia Jakubow            Day Tripper

Matthew Gray            Howlin for You

Uke Brothers & Ted

Harvey Funnelle         Clementine

John Funnelle             On Top of Old Smoky

Ted Imre                     Uke Boogie                

The Nameless

Chelsea Jonathan        Save Your Scissors

Alexa Kroeger              Drop in the Ocean

Sonia Kroeger              The Cave

Courtney Loenen


Band 'Millennium Mist'

Gina Schulli

Maya Chilkowski            Without You

Kalista Malone               Twist & Shout

Hailey Walter                  What I like About You

Ashleigh George

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