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2010 Summer Recital Program


      The students have worked very hard on their songs. In their performances today you will see them demonstrate their knowledge and skills in chords, scales, and Improvisation. So please sit back and enjoy.

Zavier Tanner

Free Fallin

Gina Schulli

Long Time Gone

Skylar Thompson

Love Don't Live Here

Brendan Klippenstein

In Your Atmosphere

Justin Williams

Sunshine or Your Love

Ashleigh George

Voodoo Child

Frank Oelkers


Connor Fynes


Len Bousquet

Every Rose Has it's Thorn

Andre Dobre

Here comes the Sun

Nick Ogilvy

Beatles medley

Faszer Bucholtz


Bryce Towns

Tears in Heaven

Katarina Villar

Officially Missing You


Alexa Kroeger

Beside You/You Found Me

Caleb Yaroshuk

Hotel California


Kelly Salmon

Here comes the Sun

Keaton Burgess

Original Song


The Band: 'Orbit'

Gavin Armitage-Ackerman

Ashleigh George

Matthew Gray

Sam Hobeyn

Matt Stockwell

Dani California

Adam's Song


Thank You for joining us at Accent Guitar Studio's Year End Recital.
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