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2009 Summer Recital Program


       We have students of all ages performing today. Some have been taking lessons for only a few months and others for several years.

The Studio teaches electric, bass, and acoustic guitars, along with the banjo. Today's performances will give you a sample of many different styles played on these instruments. So, Please, sit back and enjoy.

Zavier Tanner- Let It Be

Kayley Sewak- When September Ends

Austin Liu- Stairway to Heaven

David Parry- Brother Down

Greg Summers- At the Bottom of Everything

Lenny Long- Spiderman

Cameron Lee- Flight of the Bumble Bee

Duncan Lee- Bridge to Better Days

Skylar Thompson,

Megan Russell- Drops Of Jupiter

Skylar Thompson- Love Don't Live Here

Megan Russell- White Horse

Kelly Salmon- Blackbird

Gina Schulli- Ready to Run

Devyn Bohun- Tongue Tied

Katarina Villar- Jumper

Fraser Bucholtz- The Good Left Undone

Nicholas Moniz- AC/DC Medley

Frank Oelkers- Bluesette

Keaton Burgess,

Ian Frankenberger,

Greg Summers *Drummer*- Warning

The Wild Card

Ashleigh George

Katilynn Govender

Chelsea Jonathan

Nikalen Edwards

Greg Summers *Drummer*


Our Song

You Belong to Me

What I Like About You

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