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2008 Summer Recital Program 2


       We have students of all ages performing today. Some have been taking lessons for only a few moonths and others for several years.

The Studio teaches electric, bass, and acoustic guitars, as well as the banjo. Today's performances will give you a sample of the many different styles played on these instruments.

So sit back and enjoy!

*(o) is for Original Song

Pride & Fire

Gavin Armitage-Ackerman

Lewis Howells

Winston Sananikone

Owen Newton

Spencer Gomez

Cameron Gomez

Robby Joyce


Twist and Shout


Sweet Child of Mine


Dougie Carrier

Matthew Gray

Nickalen Edwards

Ian Frankenberger

Frazer Bucholtz

Erik Brovold



Beverly Hills

Sunshine of Your Love

Sweet Home Alabama Band

Dhylan Edwards

Brendan Klippenstein

Eric Canton

David Parry

Jonathan Carmichael

Graham Gomez


12 Bar Blues

Sweet Home Alabama

The H.S.J.'s

Alan Williams

Frank Oelkers

Sam Daust

Nathan Knowler

Anthony Smith


Hardest Button to Button

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Joker and the Thief

Masters of Metal

Adam Berry

Graham Gomez

Greg Summers

Luke VanJole

Terry Armitage


Metal Song

Lounge Act

Fall With Them

Graham Gomez

Duncan Lee

Cameron Lee

Michael Steger

Charlie Black


School's Out For Summer

Bulls On Parade

Free Bird

Red Obisidian

Fred Lee

Erik Brovold

Dayna Ypenburg

Chanel Howe

Kevin Kirk


Snake Woman(o)

Crash Course(o)

Where Is My Mind?

Joe Satriani Tribute Band

Matthew Watson

Jacob Rauma

Aidan Gebert

Greg Summers

Connor Fynes


Flying in a Blue Dream

Guitar Battle(o)

Surfin with the Alien

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