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2008 Summer Recital Program


       We have students of all ages performing today. Some have been taking lessons for only a few months and others for several years.

With each passing year our studio has grown; to the point in which we have too many students to showcase them all in a reasonable time frame. Therefore, last night we showcased 8 bands all consisting of students from Accent Guitar Studio.

If you were unable to check out last night's performance, please check out our website and photos at the back of the room.

The Studio teaches electric, bass, and acoustic guitars, as well as banjo. Today's performances will give you a sample of the many different styles played on these instruments. So, please, sit back and enjoy!

Alanna Carmichael- My Heart Will Go On

Jerry Gunadasa- Good Riddance

Brad Bourne- Tom Sawyer

Keaton Burgess,

Graedon Burgess- Back in Black/T.N.T

Katarina Villar - Wonderwall

Nicole Brennan- I'd Lie

Gina Schulli- Our Song

Megan Russell- Bubbly

Justin Williams-Top Gun

Jeremy Third- Pop Medley

Matthew Lusted- Metallica Medley

Adam Roberts- Jimmy Page Medley

Eric Gatey- The Girl from Ipanema

Duncan Lee-Texas Flood

Band "Spencer and the Girls"

Ashleigh George

Kelly Salmon

Kaitlynn Govender

Spencer Gomez


Boulevard of Broken Dreams,

All I Want,

Elenor Rigby

Thank You for joining in our

Year End Recital!!

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