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Vision Statement

To educate, develop and inspire students to achieve their full musical potential and provide them the skills for lifelong enjoyment of music.

The studio teaches

Electric, Acoustic, and Bass Guitar

Ukulele and Drums

Monday - Thursday

10am - 9pm 


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Accent Guitar Studio offers over 40 years of teaching and mentoring.  We provide students with the opportunity to maximize their musical talent and ability.

The studio provides one on one lessons in : Guitar, Drums and other stringed instruments to students ranging in age from 5 - 85 .

Styles offered  are: rock, pop, folk, jazz, classical and metal.  Fees & Dates


Each student’s lesson plan is set to their own personal taste and abilities. Everyone receives a journal book where the teacher records what they are working on and they can record their practice time. Materials & Additional Materials


We are affiliated with CGTR (Canadian Guitar Teachers Registry) and students can take guitar and/or theory exams. Materials


The studio sources venues such as charity events, school fairs and holiday events to give students experience in performing.


At Christmas students have the opportunity to do a video which you can see on our You tube channel.   At year end we do a recital to showcase students talents and progress. Photo Gallery



Monthly Tip

Keeping your child interested
in practicing

Once your child has had their first lesson, how do you as a parent keep them interested in practicing? Playing guitar needs to be their choice. Here are a few tips to keep your child’s motivation up at home:

1. Don't hide the guitar...........

2. Give music a strong presence in

          the household......... 

3. Don't treat it like homework........ 


4.  Let your child explore.......

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