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2014 Summer Program


         We have Students of all ages performing today! Some have bene taking lessons for only a few months, some for several years.

The Studio teaches electric, bass, and acoustic guitars; we also teach the banjo and ukele. Today's performances will give you an example of the different styles that can be played on these instruments. (o)=Original Song.

So, please, sit back and enjoy.

Georgia White

Heart Shaped Box

Elijah Ho

Pride and Joy

Julia Jakubow

Under The Bridge

Hudson "Mu" White

Michael Jackson Tribute

Elizabeth Teefel

Stay Stay Stay

Kelly Salmon

I Will Wait

Nikalen Edwards/Courtney Loenen


We Are Stars

Close Enough Band:

Winston Sananikone

Ian Frankenberger

Lewis Howells

Sam Daoust

Julia Jakubow


Walk This Way

Sweet Home Alabama


Musau Lwakila

Kaitlyn Kelly

Julia Jakubow

State of Glory

All My Chances

What I Like About You

LED Beatles:

Dawson Petrunia

Zavier Tanner

Aaron MacLellan

Kaitlyn Kelly

Julia Jakubow

Back In The USSR

Stairway To Heaven

She Dreams In Colour:

Ashleigh George

Devyn Bohun

Emma Star

Hurricane (o)

Firefly (o)

Chemical Kids (o)

Gabbie, Brandon, Jasmine & The Big Bro's:

Gabbie Evans

Brandon Tang

Jasmine Stacey

James Evans

William Evans

We Are Going To Be Friends



Last Night Band:

Gavin Armitage-Ackerman

Sam Daoust

James Evans

William Evans

Last Night

R.U. Mine?

All Along the Way

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